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To ensure the safety and well-being of all campers, we kindly request that you provide us with a copy of your child's immunization record. If your child requires medication during the camp day, we also require a signed medical release form from your doctor, authorizing our health supervisor to administer the medication. These important documents can be conveniently uploaded to your Active account.

Any prescription medication that needs to be taken while at camp should be brought in its original container as provided by the pharmacy. If you need a separate container for the camp dosage, the pharmacist can provide one upon request. Additionally, if your child requires medication during the camp day, you must submit a medical release form along with the registration form. However, if your child does not need to take medication while at camp, there is no need to provide the medical release form

Over-the-counter medications cannot be administered until written permission from the physician is received by the camp health supervisor.


Dear Camp Parent,

It is important for you to be aware of the Maine Regulations that could affect your child while attending a Maine Summer Camp.

The State of Maine has passed a law that affects all campers who need to have readily available (carry or possess outside of the regular supervision of the camp's health staff) and to self-administer emergency medication while at camp. The law establishes procedures to allow such access to emergency medication by those campers who have been diagnosed to be at risk for a potential medical crisis such as asthmatic attacks or allergic reactions. These medications include but are not limited to, an asthma inhaler or an epinephrine (epi) pen.

To comply with State Law 2496, all Maine camps are required to have a written policy authorizing campers to have readily available and to self-administer such emergency medications where the following conditions are met:

A. Any camper who self-administers emergency medication must have the prior written approval of the primary health care provider and the camper's parent or guardian.

B. The camper's parent or guardian must submit written verification to the camp from the camper's primary health care provider confirming that the camper has the knowledge and skills to safely self-administer the emergency medication in camp. 

C. The camp health staff must evaluate the camper's technique to ensure proper and effective use of the emergency medication at  camp.

D. The emergency medication must be readily available to the camper.

If your child needs to, and you want to permit your child to have readily available (carry or possess outside of the regular supervision of the camp's health staff) and to self-administer an inhaler, an epi-pen or other emergency medication, you and your camper's primary healthcare provider must complete and return to us the medical release and self-medication forms. These forms were developed in cooperation with the Maine Youth Camping Association.

Upon arrival at camp, our healthcare staff will evaluate your camper's self-administration technique to ensure proper and effective use of any emergency medications that they may need to have readily available. However, if your camper does not require self-administration of any emergency medication, this form will not be necessary. In either case, our healthcare staff will provide regular supervision for any prescription medications required by your camper to ensure their well-being throughout their stay at camp.




Thank you in advance for helping us comply with State Regulations.

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