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Camp Laughing Loon is excited to begin preparations for our Summer 2022 Camp Season! The Board of Directors,Camp Director and Staff are hard at work to ensure all campers have a safe and fun filled summer at Camp Laughing Loon. 


Registration is slated to open on December 20.


Camp Laughing Loon is not able to commit to providing transportation services this summer. This is due to the high cost of transportation and the need to limit the ridership count on the bus in order to comply with COVID regulations.


We look forward to seeing all of our campers once again this summer!

When registering prior to 5/31/22, space at camp is reserved for the camper at the time the registration and the $50 non-refundable deposit for each week requested is received. Remaining balance is due by 5/31/22. Registrations after 5/31/22 are due in full at time of registration.


Upon receipt of the registration and non-refundable deposit, you will receive a confirmation email and an additional email about when immunization records and other supplemental forms are due.

Please pay by credit card via


If canceling your reservation at least 10 days prior to the reserved week, tuition will be refunded minus the nonrefundable deposit.


If canceling within 10 days of reserved week tuition is nonrefundable.

Absenteeism due to illness, appointments, or unexpected circumstances is nonrefundable. Substitution of a different camper for the registered camper is not permitted.
All cancellation notices should be emailed to or called in to (207)247-6329.


A minimum of ten days notice is required to transfer out of one session into another.



Although we are feeling optimistic about the summer of 2022, Camp Laughing Loon is aware of the uncertain path of COVID-19. As a result, we have modified our refund policy for this summer.



In the event that camp is canceled by Camp Laughing Loon or a governing agency due to COVID-19, we will offer the following options:

* Refund tuition minus a $25.00 processing fee.

* Contribute your balance (or any part of it) to Camp       Laughing Loon as a tax-deductible donation.

* Tuition credit to the following summer.



If a camper tests positive for COVID-19 or is required to quarantine due to direct exposure, potential exposure and/or for contact tracing reasons, impacted campers will receive a prorated refund minus a flat processing fee of $5.00 per day. 


Refunds can also be donated to camp or credited to your account. 

Please refer to camp protocols for returning to camp after a positive COVID test or exposure.


There may be instances when a camper is sent home sick; however there is no known diagnosis of COVID-19. In these cases, refunds would not be provided to the sick child nor to any other camper who decided not to attend camp.


Cancellation due to severe weather conditions, early release days, late starts or other uncontrollable

circumstances that could jeopardize the health and safety of our campers or staff will not be refunded.


A written commitment is required from sponsoring agencies prior to the child’s attendance at camp.


Parents are required to pick up children by their scheduled pick up time. Failure to make arrangements to pick up your child(ren) will result in a late fee charge. Late fees are $1.00 per minute, per camper. ​A five minute grace period will be granted to any parents who notify the camp office that they are running late.


Late fees must be paid within three business days. Attendance will not be allowed at camp until your camp account is current.Consistent late pick-ups may lead to dismissal from our camp program.



Camp Laughing Loon requires a copy of your child's immunization record. If your child requires medication during the camp day, we will also need to have your doctor sign the medical release form that allows the camp nurse to dispense medicine to your child. These forms can be emailed or uploaded to your Active account.

Prescription medication that is to be taken at camp must be brought in the original container from the pharmacy. (Pharmacists will give you another bottle for the camp dose if you request it.)
This form must be received along with the registration form.


Over the counter medications cannot be administered until written permission by the physician is received by the camp nurse.


Dear Camp Parent,

It is important for you to be aware of the Maine Regulations that could affect your child while attending a Maine Summer Camp.


The State of Maine has passed a law that affects all campers who need to have readily available (carry or possess outside of the regular supervision of the camps health staff) and to self-administer  emergency medication while at camp. The law establishes procedures to allow such access to emergency medication by those campers who have been diagnosed to be at risk for a potential medical crisis such as asthmatic attacks or allergic reactions. These medications include, but are not limited to, an asthma inhaler or anepinephrine (epi) pen.

To comply with State Law 2496, all Maine camps are required to have a written policy authorizing campers to have readily available and to self-administer such emergency medications where the following conditions are met:

A. Any camper who self-administers emergency medication must have the prior written approval of the primary health care provider and the camper's parent or guardian.

B. The camper's parent or guardian must submit written verification to the camp from the camper's primary health care provider confirming that the camper hhas the knowledge and skills to safely self-administer the emergency medication in camp. 

C. The camp health staff must evaluate the camper's technique to ensure proper and effective use of the emergency medicatin in camp and

D. The emergency medication must be readily available to the camper.

If your child needs to, and you want to permit your child to have readily available (carry or possess outside of the regular supervision of the camp's health staff) and to self-administer an inhaler, an epi-pen or other emergency medication, you and your camper's primary healthcare provider must complete and return to us the medical release and self-medication forms. Thses forms were developed in cooperation with the Maine Youth Camping Association.

When your camper arrives at camp our health care staff is required to evaluate the camper's self-administration technique to ensure proper and effective use. These forms are not necessary for campers who do not need to have readily available and to self-administer emergency medications. As always, our helath staff will provide regular supervision of prescription medications for campers.

Thank you in advance for helping us comply with State Regulations.

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