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Camper Release Procedures


It is the policy of Camp Laughing Loon to release a camper only to an authorized person as listed on the Camper Release Form approved by the camper's parent or legal guardian. The following procedures are in place to ensure your child’s safety:

  • Anyone picking a camper up from Camp Laughing Loon must previously be on the camper's authorized pick-up form on file in the camp office. All  authorized individuals will be required to show photo identification.

  • CLL must be notified in writing of any changes pertaining to the release of your child.  Notes will not be accepted at the time of pick-up. Please send a note at least one day prior to the pick-up in order to change the form. Phone calls will not be accepted.

  • In the event that an individual not named in writing by the parent/guardian attempts to gain access to a child, the parent or/guardian or emergency contact will be notified immediately. If a custodial parent requests that a camper not be released to a noncustodial parent, a court order must be on file in the camp office. 

  • In order to help guarantee the safety and enjoyment of your child, please share these procedures with your child and authorized individuals.


This form is required only if you will be picking up your child at camp. It can be emailed or mailed. Please do not send it with your child.



Camp Laughing Loon 

Box 201 East Waterboro, Maine 04030


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