Rotating Counselor

As a General Counselor you will be asked to switch between the four non swimming activities. Here you will be assisting the station head with planning and organizing the daily activities. The relationships you develop with your campers are integral to them having the summer of their life!

Head Counselor

Head counselors are staff with experience in, and the ability to lead their chosen activity. Canoeing, Sports & Games, Arts & Crafts, and Nature & Drama all have a Head counselor that stays in this activity for the entire season. Here they are responsible for the daily planning and organizing engaging activities for the campers. 


As a lifeguard, you also take on the role of the General Counselor. In addition to these responsibilities you will have your own separate schedule where you will lifeguard at the waterfront for Free Swim. All lifeguards should have previously held a lifeguard qualification through American Red Cross.

Camp Nurse

By law, each camp is required to have an EMT, LPN, RN, or PA on staff in case of a medical emergency. We offer a great opportunity for those looking for summer employment working 35 hours per week. 

Join us as part of our 103rd camp staff!

How else can I help?

Board of Directors

Camp Laughing Loon is run by a all volunteer Board of Directors. The Board is the backbone of camp life and runs year round to ensure success in the next season. This will include monthly meetings to discuss the Wine Tasting, United Way Day of Caring, Fund raising, and camp rentals! We are always looking for people who would like to join the board. If you are, please email us at

Volunteering- Junior Counselors

At the age of 15 you are eligible to become a volunteer at Camp Laughing Loon. We offer the opportunity to gain experience and truly understand what it takes to become a counselor at camp. Our volunteer program is designed to give a glimpse of the responsibility and dedication each of our counselors has in order to give our campers the summer of their lives!

We are accepting applications for camp staff and volunteers.

Complete and return forms to:
Camp Laughing Loon
PO Box 201
East Waterboro, Maine 04030


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Junior Counselor